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Veterans McCahill Patriots Classic.

The Veterans McCahill Patriot Classic was a great event for our veterans while striving to create a community event for years to come as permanent staple in Milwaukee.  The McCahill brothers, Robert and William and the McCahill Award, which is given annually to the (senior) student that demonstrates the highest performance in scholarship, leadership and athletics, was also honored.  It's a privilege to be able to help create such a fine event for those who fought for our freedoms!  As the Project Manager and lead graphic designer and marketing coordinator, I lead the charge on all details, large and small, to make a successful community event as part of the Patriotism Program.  This included working with multiple Veterans groups and legions, creating the commemorative booklet, designing the billboard, writing and production of a radio advertising, arranging an veterans art exhibit with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, organizing a table for the attendees to Thank-A-Vet with cards, writing a press release and having it published on multiple local newspapers, working with Marquette's ROTC for a color guard performance and large American Flag demonstration and coordinating a musical performance by a local veterans band.    



Commemorative Booklet

Published Press Release

Wisconsin Remembers: A Face For Every Name


National Anthem Display with ROTC Color Guard

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