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Fresh. New. New choices. Becoming part of a new cycle. Breaking habits of the past and creating new habits for the future. Through magazine advertisements and transit ads, not only will it reach a large audience but it is also relatable to the every day person.  

Magazine ads: A series of black and white realistic, with a twist of humor, photographs demonstrating common habits that we all could have. The lack of color feels heavy, cold, representative of the past. Each images are accompanied by a hard, uneasy habit stamp which is red and ridged. The audience is asked to then literally and metaphorically break that habit by tearing it open. Inside it is represented by a bright colorful photograph that is fresh and joyful. They are encouraged to become part of the solution.

Transit ad: The transit stop is on public display showing public habits. It’s clean cut and easy to read. It’s life-like with the illusion that the individual or group are part of the bigger picture. It contains humor, as it looks like there are people are already sitting there.  

Become part of a new cycle.

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