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Nice to meet you.

Always Jennifer, never Jenny.  Jenn works too and my heart will always swoon with nostalgia when I hear Jen-a-pay.  I try to not sweat the small stuff, although sometimes I do.  I don't believe that ignorance is bliss.  I like to problem solve and believe in hard work.  I am moved by the small details of something, and the grace within it.  Culture and experiences are important to me.  I believe that overall people are trying their best.  I am both moved and stopped in my tracks by the power of words and storytelling.  You will always find a book on my nightstand, my coffee table, and in the bag I'm carrying that day.  I always try to find the best in others and not see a situation from only my point of view.  I find beauty in the strength, drive, and effort that is present when you're trying your best.  I believe there are always different perspectives, and time is the best medicine.  I stand in awe of the wisdom of others.  I heard once: Patience is the companion of wisdom, and I couldn't agree more.  I am often amazed by the power of the mind, and I believe in the importance of the quiet pause we give our minds to breathe and reflect.  I believe in being proactive verses reactive. Less is usually more, and I love negative space.  I consider myself a life-long learner, always progressing, and living fully in my values.  I believe in the golden rule and that kindness always wins.  And laughter.  Laughter wins too, and it fills the soul. 

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