The lights dim low. The curtains open. A ballerina starts to move about the stage. Spinning. Twirling. Leaping. The moves mimicking the ducking and weaving we preform in our everyday lives as we execute our daily rituals of completing chores. Nooks and crannies that need to cleaned; those tight spots that are hard to vacuum. Dyson provides access to these spots, easy mobility that otherwise would be a difficult to get to. No more awkward moves, struggling to reach around and in between tight spaces and sharp corners.

This guerrilla campaign, shows what a Dyson can really do with a help of a ballerina and public transportation.  Let’s bring a Dyson to it’s audience. What’s more awkward then being stuck in close corridors with a group of strangers in an area that’s daily?

As with any spectacular event, a lasting impression is embedded in the memories of its audience. Allowing the product to speak for itself with it’s smooth design, strong body, and gracefulness of a ballerina.

Dyson Vacuum.

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